Owl’s Rest Olive and Lavender Farm  :  The home of Owl’s Products

A visit to the BAR Valley could not be complete without spending time at Owls Rest Olive and Lavender farm. Located on Route 62 between Robertson and Ashton and nestled in the foothills of the Langeberg mountains in the Klaasvoogds River valley, lies this beautiful lavender and olive farm. Visitors get the opportunity to experience a working lavender farm where Lavender, Rosemary and Rose Geranium are harvested by hand and then steam distilled to extract the beautiful essential oils and floral water from these crops. These herbal products, which are well known for their wonderful fragrance and therapeutic benefits, provide the foundation for the wide range of products produced and sold at the farm. Alongside the aforementioned products, the farm offers its own smooth blend of fresh extra virgin olive oil, delicious table olives and tapenades and some unusual and delicious fruit preserves. The farm also has a growing fan base for its unique herbal cordials !

Our specialities:


With our main focus being upon Lavender, a hydro-distillation process is used to produce Lavender, Rosemary and Rose Geranium essential oils and hydrosols. A range of hand-made household, personal care and cosmetics products are then produced on the farm incorporating these essential oils.



Our extra virgin olive oil combines the flavours of five olive cultivars to provides a delicate but complex oil suitable for use on salads, in cooking and a host of other applications.  We also process raw olives to provide different styles of table olives and produce some yummy olive pate’s.



Owl’s cordials provide the base for making delicious herbal refreshments for hot summer days or to be mixed with gin and other spirits to make delicious cocktail drinks and punches.

Owl’s also produces some unique and delicious chutneys, jams and marmalade to please most palates.

Our story:


Hedley and Patricia Manicom bought the Owl Rest farm in July 2016 and immediately set to work upon turning the good little business they had bought into a great business. Hedley’s engineering and business background combines well with Patricia’s landscaping and creative design skills and with the support of their small but capable workforce, the farm has become a popular destination for locals and tourist alike and they have a growing customer base across South Africa.

Farming support

The staff at Owls Rest grew up in the Langeberg valley and have a deep understanding of all that it has to offer. Each member brings their own specific strengths and in their own way is able to contribute towards developing and keeping happy customers whether this is through providing great products, delicious refreshments or a memorable experience at the farm.

Manufacturing and sales support

The ladies on our staff are responsible for most of the cooking, preparing and bottling of our products as well as assisting in the shop. Each has good experience with the preparation of the products and serve an important role in providing great products, delicious refreshments and a memorable experience at the farm.

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